Frank and Melissa Beck, owners of Spectrum Homes Services of North Atlanta, are very trustworthy and professional. They did our home repair job on-time and on-budget and we were very pleased with the results. I’d highly recommend their services!
-Chris Burnett,  Atlanta, GA

I contacted Spectrum to do some minor repairs on my house. They were able to do the repairs immediately which prevented any additional damage to the house. They did a great job, very professional and for a very reasonable cost. I will definitely use Spectrum Home again.
-Bill, Dunwoody, GA

I used Spectrum to paint the interior of my house. They quoted a fair price and were able to get the job done within my specific time frame.Frank’s team of painters were very professional- showed up on time and did a fantastic job painting my house. Even painted a few extra things that needed some touch-up, even though I didn’t initially request. I would definitely recommend Spectrum if you are needing any painting done.
-Courtney Mosteller

a month ago
My wife and I are getting our house ready to list, and Frank came highly recommended by our real estate agent. Long story short, Frank and his crew did an excellent job. We handed them a laundry list of “to-do’s” and they handled it with speed and accuracy. We would recommend them to anyone who asks and will gladly use them again.
-Jason D

We used Spectrum twice: once just before we moved into our house, to do some work on it, and again to refurbish a condo before selling it. For the house, we got them to do some deck repairs, and to replace a couple of doors that had pet doors cut in them. We were quite happy with this work, and so we used them again for the condo. This time, we gave Frank quite a list of things, most of them fairly small, but a few major ones, including removing a large mirror wall (old, cracked–they repaired and painted the wall afterwards), replacing all of the carpet and vinyl flooring in the kitchen and foyer, and painting cabinets. All of this was done in a timely fashion with a reasonable estimate. All of the work was estimated in advance, and he stuck to the estimates. They were able to handle a wide variety of jobs, or else subcontract to those who did (such as flooring installation), and so get the work done in a far shorter time frame and with fewer headaches than it would have if we had attempted to work with several different specialized contractors all ourselves.
For the condo, all the work represented a major improvement in the place. It looked a great deal better. They made good choices for carpet and flooring, the cabinets looked good, it was much improved.
-Patrick Yaner

I manage maintenance for Ritan Property Group and we have used Spectrum as a preferred vendor for years. Frank is great to work with and the work they do is always good. Our tenants always have a good experience when I send Spectrum out to get repairs done.
-Naomi Walker

Responsive and flexible. The work was completed quickly and completely. The quality of work is solid.
I will be using them for further home improvement work!
-R Jarrett Muncy

Frank Beck is a valued Contractor account that Air Repair HVAC, inc. has. We enjoy working together. I would recommend calling him for your next project.
-Chip Mcgrath

Our company manages over 400 homes in the Atlanta Metro Area. Spectrum has provided a range of repair and renovation services for us.
Spectrum gives timely turnarounds and competitive prices.
Frank Beck is always professional and reachable.
We have done business with Spectrum for 2 years and hope to do much more business with them.
-Walter Kellar
Operations Manager
Ritan Property Management Group

Called Frank back in January when I needed a ceiling repair. After getting a quote, I never got back to him for a few months, but when I did, he was able to get a crew out to do my repairs in a matter of days.
Their work was great and the contractors very professional. Living in Sandy Springs, it’s nice to have a local that can be trusted to do a good job. Will definitely be using Spectrum again.
-Garrett Newbold

I am from Australia and first called Frank from here to organise repairs to be done on a house I bought in Decatur, so when I arrived in Atlanta I could paint and complete other tasks. Communication is most important to me and Frank excelled in this department. To say that my needs were complicated would be an understatement. Frank always delivered what he promised and always on time. His workers were very friendly, trustworthy and professional. Frank was always accessible and would answer an questions / concerns very quickly. Frank made my first experience dealing with a builder outside of Australia wonderful and stress free. I would highly recommend Spectrum Home Services to anyone who wants a reliable, trustworthy and professional builder.
-David Watson

We have used them several times for smaller jobs, but recently had them do some concrete work. We were very satisfied with the results and will use them again in the future.
-Outside Winder

I recently had my bathroom redone by Spectrum Home Services. They did a great job. Frank Beck was easy to work with and easy to communicate with. The workers were dedicated, hard working and involved me when need be. I am very pleased with my new bathroom and will definitely hire Spectrum for other needs.
-Sharon Simon

I hired this company to paint the exterior of a house purchased for an investment. The crew started on time and I was regularly updated on their progress. Upon completion of the job, I did a walk thru calling attention to some areas that needed more work and Frank had his crew complete the job to my satisfaction. I appreciated the excellent customer service Frank provided from start to finish.
-Donna Narducci

We have used Frank and his team several times in our new house. They are always very professional and make sure each job is complete our total satisfaction. They are also very trustworthy and dependable. I recommend them highly.
-A Google User