About Spectrum Home Repair

Spectrum Home Repair of North Atlanta is dedicated to serving your own unique home repair and remodeling needs in a professional, courteous and concerned way. We are different from others in that we are very accessible, hands-on and don’t just get the job done, we want it done to your satisfaction.

Our services are available for all types of fix-ups, builds, repairs and installations. Big or small jobs, our staff can handle carpet installation/removal, hardwood floor finishing/installs, rotten wood removal at doorways and windows/replacement, painting, deck cleaning, roofing, siding repair, screen door installation, and light plumbing and electrical. These are just a few of the many around-the-home or office tasks we can handle. Challenge us with your need and we’ll do our very best to serve you!

Our staff is well-liked not only by us but also by you! Our technicians get many thanks and constant referrals. We stand behind our staff’s abilities and courteous attitudes and know you will like and appreciate them, too.

Spectrum Home Repair is a member of Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber of Commerce, and the Roswell, Georgia Lions Club and made a donation to American Vets fro VA Hospital Fund.